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Gail prefers to utilize each client’s strengths in order to help them arrive at their own solutions and develop new strategies for challenging situations. Krista Beyer is a clinical psychologist with nearly ten years working at Kentlands Psychotherapy.Gail strives to build a good relationship with the families based on respect, collaboration, and compassion as she believes the trust that grows within these relationships is paramount to beneficial therapy. She offers services in individual and couples therapy, and works with adults and adolescents. I completed my internship at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, followed by a tour at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, and the U. I offer counseling services to individual adults and couples.

In therapy she encourages active collaboration in session, including ongoing feedback from clients to ensure the most effective, efficient psychotherapy experience.

Postgraduate training includes Sexual Health Studies at the University of Michigan, Trauma and Stress Studies at the Justice Resource Institute in Boston, and Basic and Divorce Mediation at the Frederick Community Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center.